There are many questions surrounding Greek life in college. We hope to answer many of them here, but we know that it’s not possible to answer every single one, so if you have more questions, we hope that you will reach out either to an executive member directly or through the form on the Contact Us page. 

How large is Theta Chi?

Our chapter (Beta Omicron) currently is sitting at around 80 members. We hope this number will continue to grow after a successful post covid 2021 recruiting year. However nationally Theta Chi has around 9,000 active undergraduates and 159 active chapters. 

Will the fraternity affect my grades?

Grades are something each and every member of Theta Chi holds with very high regards as each member tries to uphold our maxim “Alma Mater First, Theta Chi for Alma Mater”. As long as you hold yourself to a high standard your grades will not suffer because of joining a fraternity. Older brothers are also always willing to lend an assisting hand if you need any help academically.

How will Theta Chi help me after graduation?

Theta Chi Fraternity has initiated over 200,000 members over the years this means there is a very large network in all areas of the United States and around the world that are willing to lend an assisting hand. It gives new graduates an automatic network of hundreds of people wherever they end up. This helps not only get acclimated but also allows them to have someone to help jumpstart their new network if they end up in a new place. 

Is Hazing a problem?

Greek life is notorious for its reputation of hazing, at least that’s how all the movies portray it right. Although hazing does happen in Greek life it is more a rarity than it is common nowadays. As for Theta Chi at the University of Cincinnati there is a zero tolerance for hazing of any kind. Not only this but Hazing is a criminal offense in Ohio. If you or a friend experience any form of hazing in any fraternity, we urge you to contact the Interfraternity Council’s office and report it, they can be reached at conduct@ucifc.com

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment ultimately depends on how much you want to put in. But something that many members say is that the more you put in the more you get out. So it depends on what you are looking to take away from the Fraternity. If you decide to take up a Executive or Chair head role the time commitment will be much more than if you do not take on any role within the Fraternity. 

What if I don't drink?

There is no obligation to drink in this fraternity. If you do not drink, there is nothing wrong with that and no one will look at you differently. Many events we host have nothing to do with drinking and those that do include alcohol are completely optional whether you want to drink or not. 

How much are dues?

Our dues may fluctuate a little from year to year. For the 2021-2022 school year for both semesters as an active brother dues were around $1500. This should be a very good indicator of where it will be for the coming 2022-2023 school year. However, if at any time dues are an issue for you, we are able to offer payment plans on a case-to-case basis. Theta Chi Nationals also awards Scholarships to many of its undergraduate students to help go to academic costs, including the cost of dues.