The USO Story

Theta Chi has chosen to support the USO and their mission of strengthening military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country, throughout their service to this nation. They reach toward this goal every day through 4 pillars: 


Connect and maintain connection between service members and their families back home, no matter where they serve. 


Supporting service members stationed in the most isolated corners of the world by providing care packages, snacks, holiday celebrations, and more during their deployments.


Help bring entertainment, including celebrities, to service members stations around the world. Focusing on American pastimes can help service members feel more at home.


Provide the resources service members need for a smooth transition in whatever stage of their service they are in.

The USO has helped over 1 million service members using these 4 pillars. They are able to do this through use of their 250+ different locations spread across all 7 continents leading to the over 8 million center visits they have had from service members. If you are interested in supporting the USO’s mission at a time we are not fundraising, please visit the USO’s website linked below.

For more information on USO and what we are supporting please visit the USO’s website